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The Syndicate cheatsheet is updated for Path of Exile 3.21 and shows all Immortal Syndicate members and their safehouse rewards based on their location.
The relative value of each reward is denoted in varying colors and can be changed by clicking on a cell. Scarab are priced automatically by default, though you can toggle them on the top to set manual values. Auto scarab rankings are updated every 6 hours from Poe Ninja.
An "overlay" version of the page can be found in the menu for use with tools like POE-Overlay.


A port of Siveran‘s Chromatic Calculator, this tool allows you copy and paste an item from in-game or from the trade site to view the odds of obtaining certain socket colors given the item‘s requirements.
Note: Item paste only supports items copied from the game or trade site as Path of Building does not provide attribute requirements on copy. If copying from game, please remember to remove all gems from the item as they will affect the reported requirements.



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